About Us

Rushford Conductive NanoFiber (RCNF) is a nanotechnology company that uses proprietary technology developed at the University of Delaware to accurately place nanoparticles. The process is a simple, powerful, cost-effective technique done at room temperature using environmentally responsible chemistry.  Other processes (e.g. CVD) used to place nanoparticles are energy-intensive, high-cost, and not deposited in a well-controlled manner. Our technique allows for the proper placement and control over orientation of nano particles on a wide array of non conductive substrates  leading to many novel properties. Rushford NanoElectroChemistry Company (RNECC) is a nano engineering company that specializes in nano electrochemistry. We exploit these properties to produce nano-enabled products with low production cost. RCNF was spun off to commercialize and focus on one particular aspect of the technology.

Our Team

Multi Disciplinary team with experience and expertise in: Nanotechnology, materials, textiles & composites, engineering, information technology & communications, analog-digital signal processing, manufacturing etc.

Ravi Sundaram – Co-founder/CEO
Kevin Klungtvedt – Co-founder/President
Dr. Erik Thostenson – Science and Technology Advisor (University of Delware)
Dr. Lenas Hedland – Advisor Metrology and Measurement Systems
Kurt Knappen – Chief Architect DAQ Systems
John Klungtvedt – Research Engineer